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Pre Cleaner
These Seed Cleaners / Grain Cleaners are suitable for the efficient cleaning of various cereal seeds, oilseeds , forestry seeds, fodder seeds, pulses etc. eg. wheat, paddy, maize, bajra, urd, moong, gram, soyabean, sunflower, mustard, jowar, barley, coffee seeds, etc. by removing lighter impurities like chaff, husk, dust & dirt/sand and also oversize & undersize impurities from the raw Seed/Grain.
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Salient Features :


  • Robust machine of all steel & welded construction with structural framework.
  • Feed hopper with fluted roller & feed control.
  • Dynamically balanced Aspirator Fan (Blower).
  • Variable air aspiration with stepless Air Control.
  • Air Chamber, Screen deck assembly & Spouts are self emptying type.
  • High carbon steel strip hangers and balanced eccentrics with connecting rod for screen deck oscillation.
  • Interchangeable, burrs & curvatures free, easily changeable Screens/Sieves.
  • Provision of Bag holders at bagging off height & belt guard.


Standard Accessories :

2-meter long air trunk, 1 no. - air bend , one set of 3 or 2 screens for one particular crop seed, tool kit.


Optional Accessories :

Cyclone dust collector, Additional Air Trunk & Air bend, Additional Screens for various crop seeds, Surge Bin & Feeding Elevator.


Specifications :


Model SPC-2T
Capacity 2 Ton/Hr. (Based on Wheat)
No. of Screens 2
No. of Air Aspiration 1
Power Consumption 2.75 KWH
Electric Motor (TEFC, 3ph, 440v, 50C/s, A.C. 3 H.P.-For Blower, Sieve Oscillation & Screen cleaning system.
Screen Cleaning System Top : Beaters / Rubber Ball.
Bottom : Rubber Balls/Nylon Brush
Size of Each Screen (L x W) Top : 128 x 90 cm.
Bottom : 128 x 90 cm.
Screen Inclination Fixed
Screen Oscillation Variable
Overall Size (L x B x H) 185 x 140 x 195 cm.



Note :
NB - Indicates Nylon Brush Screen Cleaning System.
RB - Indicates Rubber Ball Screen Cleaning System.


Screen Arrangement :


  • TOP/MIDDLE SCREEN : Removes oversize impurities/ material from the raw seed/grain.
  • BOTTOM SCREEN : Removes undersize impurities/ material from the seed/grain received through the top/middle screen.


Operation :


Raw Seed/Grain is fed into the feed hopper and is evenly distributed by a fluted feed roll through a controlled feed gate on the top Screen. Before falling over the top screen, seeds/grains are subjected to the primary air aspiration that separates lighter impurities chaff, straw dust etc. Seed/Grains are then passes through three/two screen separations according to width & thickness. After passing through screen separations, cleaned grains/seeds pass through Secondary air aspiration (in case of double stage air aspirations system) where remaining lighter impurities are separated. Final seed/grain and impurities are collected separately through discharge spouts into the bags holded on the bag holders


We plan, design, supply, install & Commission Seed/Grain Processing & handling plants for spice/grain/pulses/oil seeds etc on TURNKEY BASIS..


Due to constant research & development all designs & specifications are subjected to change without prior intimation.

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