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Seed Grader

These machines are suitable for the cleaning & Grading of various Cereal Seeds, Vegetable Seeds, Oil Seeds, Forestry Seeds, Fodder Crop Seeds, Spices & Pulses e.g. wheat, paddy, maize, bajra, urd, moong, gram, soyabean, barley, coffee seeds, etc.


It has three Oscillating Screens & Two independent controlled air aspirations. It shall remove lighter impurities like, dust, chaff, stem fractions, immature & beveled Grains/Seeds & other undersize impurities/Grains.

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Salient Features :


  • Robust machine of all steel & welded construction with structural framework.
  • Nylon brushes to check clogging of all grading screen & beaters of scalping screen.
  • Low Level feed hopper with fluted rubber rooller and feed control.
  • Dynamically balanced Aspirator Fan (Blower).
  • Variable double stage air aspiration with stepless Air Control.
  • Air Chamber, Screen deck assembly & Spouts are self emptying type.
  • Burrs and culvature free, easily changeable screen.
  • Seive Oscillation with high carbon steel strip hangers, balanced eccentrics & connecting rod.
  • Bag holders are bagging - off height, belt guard and inside light system is provided for safe & easy working.
  • Brush Trolley Rollers & brush drive rods with bearings.

Standard Accessories :

2-meter long air trunk, 1 no. air bend , one set of 3-screens for one particular crop seed and toolkit.


Optional Accessories :

Cyclone dust collector, Additional Air Trunk & Air bend, Additional Screens for various crop seeds, Surge Bin and Feeding Elevator


Specifications :


Capacity (at 10% impurities & 12% moisture Content) 1.5-2 Tons/hr. (For Wheat)
No. of aspiration 2
No. of Screens 3
No. of Scalping 1
No. of grading 2
Size of Screen(W x L) Top : 90 x 100 cm
Middle : 90 x 182 cm
Bottom : 90 x 182 cm
Screen Inclination Fixed
Fan Discharge (at 75mm WGSP) 6500 cfm
Electric Motor (50c/s, AC Supply )

• For Blower Assembly 5H.P., 3ph, 440v
• For Sieve beat oscillation and screen cleaning system 1 H.P., 3ph, 440v

Overall Size (L x B x H ) 360 x 158 x 321 cms.
Net Weight 1400 kgm (Approx.)
Feeding Pneumatic No additional elevator is required to feed these Seed Graders


Note : No elevator is required to feed this seed grader as feeding is with pneumatic suction.


Screen Arrangement :


  • TOP SCREEN : Removes oversize material / impurities.
  • MIDDLE SCREEN : Removes one grade of undersize material.
  • BOTTOM SCREEN : Removes second grade of undersize material.


Operation :


Seed/Grain is fed to the feed hopper which are lifted by aspiration and fall on the top screen by feed spout. During lifting process, the heavier matters like stones, iron pieces etc. are separated and drop on the floor. Before falling on the top screen, seeds/grains are subjected to the primary air aspiration which removes dust, straw, chaff and the other lighter impurities. Grains are then pass through three screen arrangement for separation according to width & thickness. After passing through screen separations, cleaned/graded seeds/grains pass through secondary air aspiration where remaining lighter impurities are separated. Final seed/product and impurities are collected separately through discharge spouts into the bags holded on the bag holders.



We plan, design, supply, install & Commission Seed/Grain Processing & handling plants for spice/grain/pulses/oil seeds etc on TURNKEY BASIS. Seed/Grian testing lab equipments are also supplied by us.


Due to constant research & development all designs & specifications are subjected to change without prior intimation.

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